Mifanstech X96 Marshmallow Android 6.0 Tv Box 4K Wifi 2G 16G

April 3, 2017 - Comment

Android 6.0 os system

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Android 6.0 os system


Jantakiawaz says:

HDMI audio passthrough issues…avoid for hometheater use. Very weak remote HDMI audio pass through is broken in KODI (has 16.1 which is the latest version installed), the audio is lost every few seconds momentarily, making it useless to view a movie with home-theater which is what I bought it for. 

Martin says:

Works great Works great, I have my HDHomerun for live TV and recordings, SPMC, Playon, Plex, Netflix and Amazon Prime video all working great. Now, I removed Kodi in favor of SPMC as it usually runs better on these boxes and I can configure it like I like it. I also installed HALauncher so that I can configure the home screen with just what I use. So far everything is working perfectly.

Vayn says:

Great little Android box This was my first journey into the Android box world (KODI), I loved it but I felt I was missing something because this was only 2.4 ghz I thought “if it is this good at 2.4 what would 5 be like?” So I ordered a more expensive dual band Android box… This was all I needed, the more expensive one constantly locked up and streaming was not any better at 5 ghz. This one comes will a lot of apps, pretty much everything you need to start enjoying KODI, Netflix, YouTube, whatever your heart…

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